Zooey deschanel and ben gibbard dating

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Zooey Deschanel might not be in any movies or TV shows for the foreseeable future because she could really use the time off.

She's been acting professionally and consistently since her teen years, when she broke out in the late '90s with roles in the movie For as long as television has been beamed into people's homes, providing screen entertainment without the hassle or expense of a night at the theater, there's been a divide between "movie stars" and "TV stars." Certain larger-than-life actors will always be associated with the cinema, maintaining a movie star mystique by appearing in one or two huge epics a year on 20-foot-tall screens.

After a string of unsuccessful movies, Hollywood just might be tentative to cast Deschanel at the forefront of a prominent movie.

the biggest flop of 2015, for both commercial and critical reasons.Deschanel made a counterclaim, alleging that her switch from the Creative Arts Agency to United Talent Agency at Jackson's urging was a career-killer.It kind of was — Deschanel says she booked zero gigs as a UTA client, including during a 2013 hiatus in which she made herself available for film roles.Long before (and after) her breakout role in won Deschanel nominations and awards from the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Chlotrudis Awards, and the Central Ohio Film Critics Association.That set the tone for bankable movie and TV star Deschanel's parallel career as an indie stalwart, with roles in well-received and thoughtful fare such as 's run from 2011 to 2018, Zooey Deschanel's personal life changed dramatically.

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