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Every day with a camera in my hands is a good day, even better if I am underwater with the fishes.’ What would he regard as his biggest achievement?‘Over the past 14 years I’ve been so lucky to visit so many places and film on a myriad of different projects, and I feel a successful result in any of these projects or film shoots is a great achievement.TV presenter Nick Baker came to Sabah to carry out his first dives for The Really Wild Show, and together with Jason Isley, Simon found himself filming for the BBC for the first time. Simon and Scubazoo have filmed with Nick many times since then – but Simon has never let Nick forget that they made him wear a pink ‘Laura Ashley’ mask throughout that first show!Since then, recognition as one of the leaders of the new generation of underwater cameramen has taken Simon to destinations around the world, including as Monty Hall’s underwater cameraman on both series of Great Ocean Adventures.At the end of his first year at Aberdeen University, Enderby gained a summer internship at the HQ of the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge.

Scubazoo has grown into a major force in underwater film-making with a group of talented underwater cameramen who work on everything from corporate videos to top-end documentaries.

The learning curve was very steep indeed, but he had a creative eye and took to filming straight away.

A couple of months later, Simon was once again in the right place at the right time.

Simon Enderby’s career has been characterised by persistence, a passion for underwater filming, and a healthy dose of being in the right place at the right time.

And his success has been irrevocably intertwined with that of Scubazoo, a unique collaboration started by another pair of young ex-pat British divers, Simon Christopher and Jason Isley, in 1996.

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