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Riesling's aggressively long roots penetrate the soil up to nine meters - that's 27 feet or more!

- resulting in Mosel Riesling's characteristic, bracing, slate-driven minerality.

The 160 kilometer (100 mile) valley's steep slopes and slate-laden bedrock soils, however, are ideal for wine production, especially for Riesling, Germany's world-renown varietal since the Middle Ages, and also for Elbling, Riesling's predecessor, a grape which predates Roman times.

Given the extremely steep inclines, the Mosel's vines don't shade each other; and, the Devonian slatey soil retains the sun's warmth at night.

The commanding view of the entire Mittelrhein district from the huge commemorative Franco-Prussian War Memorial high above the river is breathtaking.Spectacular fireworks displays brighten the skies at the biggest fests, and major culinary events are scheduled at local restaurants. Well-marked foot and bike paths follow the rivers where the wine abounds.The website of the German Wine Institute can tell you everything you want to know about such things as wine regions, festivals, visitor-friendly wineries, grape varieties, how to cook with wine and lots more. We present here sketches of the country's officially designated wine-growing areas: The meandering Mosel River, snakes its way between the Rhineland-Palatinate's Eifel and Hunsrück regions, carving a valley that is so narrow that no significant urban development ever evolved.The first question in the report focused on what interested consumers most and, while it's not surprising, with the definitions provided, that sustainable comes out ahead, what is truly remarkable is that Biodynamics comes out at 36 percent - a mere 8 percent behind sustainability.Given that hardly anyone knows what Biodynamics means - and if they think they do, they usually associate it with moonbeams and a certain Austrian philosopher - this is nothing short of incredible. The 300 person sample was weighted towards Millenials (65%) and women (74%).

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