Whos omarion dating

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got a shock this week after hearing that Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones are in a relationship. Well, Jones was in a longtime relationship with Fizz’s groupmate and friend, Omari (a.k.a Omarion) and has two children with him.

The brotherhood between Lil Fizz and Omarion goes back a long way, with the two being one-half of the famous R&B boy band, B2K.

Apryl then linked up with Fizz on New Year's and they hopped on Instagram Live together to let the world know they are "just friends." Throughout the clip, Apryl is ALL over Fizz, but insisted he is "It's funny, you know.

Omarion hasn’t publicly commented on the relationship between his children’s mother and his friend, but Lil Fizz may have offered some insight into how they roll during an interview with Vibe that was done while on B2K was touring: “At the end of the day, we’re all grown men and we all live our own separate lives.

The pair split in 2016, and she's now rumoured to be dating his B2K affiliate.

Apryl Jones, ex-girlfriend of B2K member Omarion, is allegedly expecting a child with his bandmate Lil Fizz.

Fast forward six months later and Slaughter is now putting the new couple on blast, first congratulating them on their relationship and new home, but then issuing Jones a warning.

The Shade Room posted a clip of her Instagram Live video: The comments have been rolling in about the situation.

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