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Both channels featured Cullen trying different style trends and costumes.Cozplai and Wonderland Wardrobe were closed following low subscriptions.The couple soon moved in together and co-petted Kabuki, Pip, and Mogwai, their cats.Anthony proposed to Kalel during a getaway trip to Japan.The proposal was filmed as part of their vlog titled “A Romantic Day in Japan”.Kalel accepted her boyfriend’s proposal but the couple ended their engagement in 2014.However as her career progressed her popularity declined due to various personal reasons, most of which was instigated because of her personal life drama.Kalel Cullen ran two You Tube channels: Kale Cullen TV which featured vlogs, advice, and opinions and another is Queen Beeuty which consisted of beauty videos.

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Kalel Cullen started dating Anthony Padilla, the co-creator of Yout Tube phenomenon Smosh, after meeting at a party in 2010.We have no way of knowing, but it’s really interesting to think about how one day someone thought of singing their feelings instead of speaking.Growing up it seemed like sexual orientation & gender identity were 100% rigid; you were this or you were that.Well, I officially survived a full year as a single woman. For real though, it is quite an accomplishment for me.I mean, it was one sad and lonely year, but I definitely grew from it.

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