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Greyson thus has managed to make a You Tube as well as a singing career which has made fans drool over him and search his bio over the internet.

He joined Miranda Cosgrove in her national tour while continuing the work of his first album.

Area greyson Micheal chance affiliation a 10yr old.His compositions named Stars and Broken Hearts which have been posted on You Tube, has garnered a total of six and eight million views on You Tube respectively.He said he was going to wait on it, because his heart was broken.What causes or movements do you feel really passionate about?NO because he's in his teens and i don't think your parents or his parents would approve, but he would date me because I'm 12 and he's 13 soon 2 be 14 and I'm soon 2 be 13 so a 1 year difference sorry!!

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