Who is angela simmons currently dating

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Fans immediately bombarded the reality star’s comments, speculating that her and Johnson were dating.

“You two look great together,” one fan commented underneath her image.

The couple got engaged in April 2016 and welcomed their son Sutton Joseph Tennyson a few months later in September.

However, the two called it quits the following December after the Pastry shoe line designer said she became unhappy.

They also posted each other on their Instagram stories as they jammed to “Spend the Night” by singer Rahsaan Patterson.

While the latter has said that she’s decided to focus on raising her son, the romantic tension between her and Miller has captivated fans.

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However, the two are reportedly following each other on Instagram, and it’s not so hard to imagine the duo hitting it off.“You owe no one an explanation for how you live your life. The mystery man is handsome 😎.” Another added, “Who’s her new man? I love his shirt & often say that ❤️ always wins 👍🏽.” Someone else commented, “Dang I was hoping her n Romeo would get together but she dating a new guy now.He fine tho 😍.” Other fans set the record straight about Simmons and Johnson’s relationship.The Express reports that the two were spotted together when Simmons visited Chicago, and were photographed at a mall.As The New York Times reported back in 2015, Simmons “is a daughter of the former Run-DMC rapper Rev Run (Joseph Simmons), and appeared, from 2005 to 2009, in the family’s reality TV series on MTV.” She started faux-fur line, called Foofi, and created a fitness program called Built Not Bought.

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