Who is alex morgan dating

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As it turns out, Morgan and Servando Carrasco don't waste their time and energy competing with each other at home — they save it all for the pitch. I love her for the person she is, and what she accomplishes is almost secondary to that.

Throughout the years, they went from kicking a ball around the backyard to the 2012 Olympics, where Morgan scored her team's gold medal-winning goal.

As Carrasco maintains his position as a midfielder for the LA Galaxy soccer club, Morgan resides on the opposite coast, splitting her time between the Orlando Pride and the national team.

Despite the roadblocks, these two remain absolutely committed to making things work. Apparently, all you need to do is take things one kick at a time.

"With this sport you never know, you take it day by day," Carrasco told "Right now, she has a great setup at her current club and I'm doing well out here. If at some point it kind of comes up that there's a team in L. As of right now, she's happy there and I'm happy here. And then she started to add things to her game, brick by brick. She's not just a person that builds her game off of her speed or off of her athleticism.

We're going to try and keep on doing this for as long as possible." Morgan and Carrasco's approach makes a lot of sense, considering job security isn't a given for either athlete. She got better tactically, she started watching more soccer, her first touch got better. She's always looking for a challenge." Morgan revealed that after the proposal, she slipped on the custom-designed ring, and they rode beach cruisers to her dad's house to celebrate with friends and family.

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