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He told Rumor Fix, “She had no remorse, she said ‘I met a guy on Survivor and I don’t know what else to tell you.'” He also said, “At first I was mad and hated her but now I can say that everything happens for a reason and I’m in a better place now.”You may recall that Whitney was extremely angry about being betrayed by Cochran, perhaps because she was struggling with her own betrayal.

She hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with her marital status on “Survivor.”2.

Sophie Clarke, a medical student currently living in Willsboro, N.

(Is it possible that she was afraid she wouldn’t be cast if she identified as married?

I wouldn't go off some emotion from the game, I looked at the person and how they played. These people are smart people - Sophie and Albert are smart, I don't understand how they can't see this coming. If Sophie would've joined us, though, we could have taken out Edna. I got a lot of jokes after that with my family and Jim and Keith ribbiing me at Ponderosa, saying I should know better. I did well, though - they didn't show but Sophie and I were going head to head in every question. I was proud of how I played the quiz and pleased that I made it that far." Were you surprised by how physically strong the female players were in the game? I'm not into weights, nor did I prepare before I went on .

It's not just one aspect, it's everything about a person." Are you surprised that people are following Coach, especially after Boston Rob's win last season? I don't think they were bold enough to take out Coach, though." You nearly won immunity during the challenge before you were eliminated. "Dawn really pulled the weight challenge out and I was so impressed. I think we played an impressive physical game." Can you tell us about your relationship with Keith?

"I think there would have been people flipping before that point. We could have gotten rid of Ozzy before the six just because of the physical threat he posed.

If we had the opportunity to get him out before, say, Edna, we would have done it." As a member of the jury, you get to vote for who wins. "I took the job of giving someone a million dollars seriously.

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