Wenatchee dating

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My plan is to check things out, but I figured people here could provide some helpful input.The offer is fairly good, which is making this a tough decision for me, so thank you in advance for any input on Wenatchee/Yakima.The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center’s mission is to gather, engage, and educate people to celebrate and preserve the history, arts, sciences, and rich diversity of our region.We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates with the support of the cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.The bar scene isn't quite as good though; you've got several options, but it's more of a chain restaurant/bland strip mall type of city.Honestly, both Yakima and Wenatchee feel a bit isolated, but not nearly as much as does Pullman.So the chance to meet singles there is probably not as great, but with it being a fairly touristy town, the bar scene is pretty solid with lots of options.

From Wenatchee it's only a 45 min drive, but the drive from Yakima isn't much longer.

All my friends and family are in the Northeast and Midwest, and it would be tough to move away from all of them, though I certainly would have no problem with it if I were to move somewhere that's fun and has plenty to do.

They're flying me out next week to check out the place more and tour some facilities, but I'm not completely enamored with the idea of moving back to Eastern WA (I've been to Wenatchee a couple times, but not for anything more than a day).

I didn't like the isolated feeling of the place, and I didn't particularly care for the weather, or lack of things to do, either.

I just moved back to Western NY (Rochester area) a few months ago after desperately trying to get out of Pullman, and hearing that the job I applied for will be based in Wenatchee/Yakima instead of the Northeast like when I initially applied really threw me for a loop.

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