Vizio stuck in updating directory cache

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By the way, it was on a separate "friends" subnet that their wireless router provides.But performance seemed marginal, at times, so it ended up on an Ethernet cable.It's literally the only content used for my TV now: Netflix, Plex, You Tube, weather, Tinycam (baby monitor), Google Music, and I can also cast from a phone/computer/etc without changing inputs.I've paid for streaming for a number of years, while more than half worrying I was just making myself a sucker.I'm the author and linking to my tweets is a bad idea because they auto-delete after 14 days. This is a good time to say that if you own a "Smart TV" from any company you should run it on a different network than your NAS and other computers.

I realize it's a bad solution, but that might work…unless it's "smart" enough to realize it has no connection and try other networks regardless…Google Android tracks you the most.He doesn't use that TV much.)This just reinforced for me, that you can't trust these updates nor the software on these things.If it works well as a display device, keep it unconnected and so "dumb" and just pipe stuff in over HDMI.i OS does the same thing, and worse, used to send your location to a third party AGPS provider (Skyhook).3. Google Maps on i OS will tell you to see reviews as well, and it is a setting in both.Unlike on i OS, on Android, you have a choice not to use the default maps application at all and instead use an entirely offline map.

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