Validating date asp net

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Instead, we create models to represent the data and add Data Annotations to indicate how the model should be validated. If you create the Controller and Views using the built-in Visual Studio scaffolding, you’ll get something very similar to the code below.Since the scaffolding only creates CRUD views, I took the scaffolded code and adapted it to our example.They all exist on the model in the form of Data Annotations.

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Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s nonsensical, and other times the user data is even malicious. We’ll go over different ways to use this in the different .We don’t have to maintain two different sets of rules.In any case, let’s see what happens when we try to submit two passwords that are different on our form: There are actually a lot of neat things happening here.However, as we know, it’s best to validate client server-side, so that’s what we’re doing here.The really neat thing about MVC is that we defined our validation rules once, on the model, but the client-side and server-side can both access those rules.

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