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In order to prevent errors coming from an XML schema we had not yet encountered, we originally had an upper bound on the showplan version we supported. Earlier this year, both SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database v12 bumped their showplan schema version from 1.2 to 1.3.This caused the following problem in Plan Explorer when trying to open or generate a plan from either of those versions: The challenge here was that this error was returned for all plans, not just plans that contained new elements or attributes that we didn't know how to parse.In this example, the deadlock involved Keys or rather indexes.The deadlock graph is the easiest way to get information about a deadlock.

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Minette Steynberg has over 15 years’ experience in working with data in different IT roles including SQL developer and SQL Server DBA to name but a few.Then, open it up again, and SSMS renders it as a graphical plan.The first step in shredding an XML document and inserting its data into a SQL Server table is getting the document into the most easily-processed form.Early adopters: if you’re rolling on SQL Server 2016 SP1, you may have noticed that when you click on query plans in sp_Blitz Cache or sp_Who Is Active, they sometimes render as ugly XML rather than the beautiful graphical showplan.Here’s a 3-minute video showing the bug: To work around it, save the XML plan as a file – but you’ll need to frame the name in double quotes, like “my beautiful query.sqlplan” and end it with a sqlplan extension.

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