Updating task status updates resource status

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Don't just send a half-written, uninformative report. If you follow these simple instructions, you will not only make your manager happy, but also promote the accomplishments of your team and yourself.Learning how to write an effective status report is an imperative, not just a recommendation. You have confidence in your team; tell your managers how much.Offer to discuss personally any items the manager may not understand or on which he or she wants more information.A list of the team's accomplishments during the reporting period should also be in included.Think of the status report as a way of self-promotion and team promotion.should be written in formal business language since others besides your manager may read it.There are many project management tools on the market that can help take the complexity out of project reporting. This can be accomplished by keeping a running list of notes or achievements throughout the project – that way it's easier to write the report when the time comes.

These reports are a necessity since stakeholders need to be constantly kept in the loop. This is a question that every project manager faces.This is also a good area to discuss any potential or current problems and whether or not assistance is needed from management.You should always end your status report on an upbeat note.You should keep copies of your status reports for reference.Also, if you track similar things from reporting period to reporting period, keep a chart or Excel document of these items that you can update as needed. They are a way of communicating both progress and difficulties.

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