Updating service pack 3

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During installation, even a fairly fast computer will operate slowly, and some systems may be difficult to use at all.

My current laptop was purchased new last October, loaded with 8.1.

I upgraded to 10 on the first day of its release, and ever since then I've been getting notifications for Office XP Service Pack 3. Windows suggests doing a web search for "Office XP Service Pack 3 - Error 0x80096004" for possible help, and I do find some results that MIGHT be helpful.

Service Pack 1 is a critical update for Windows 7 - it is a prerequisite for future updates and security fixes from Microsoft. Manually installing Service Pack 1 via Windows Updates before we push it out on campus allows you to install the upgrade at your convenience.

If you do not wish to go through these steps, you can wait for us to push the update out to your computer.

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