Updating ps3 with my psp

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Well you may think “man, that would take some kind of wizard or something” but no, its easy as pie with the great tools your wonderful ps3scene devs (that work so hard to tick off Sony, lol) have generously giving out to the inter webs for free, and Sony as well for they’re never used PSPEMU that roams around in our PS3’s for some odd reason (like a tree gnome or lawn elf.) Now you may be saying “this dude is getting annoying with this odd rambling.” Yes I do believe I am, so here is a poor excuse for a guide I made for this very simple process of converting your PSP game that hurts your hands into a ps3 game you can play for days with the great Dualshock 3 and a big screen you can actually see and read.You’re now thinking “there has to be a catch.” Well sadly yes as many PSP games are not compatible with the poor PSPEMU inside the PS3 as its very limited and unstable but there are tons of settings to fiddle with and much googling to do for adjustments to make many of them work.

So today I noticed some Tweets and some news regarding the good ol' PSP.

If your PS3 is running 3.55 firmware you can easily do it by installing a CFW among other things, if your ps3 didn't come with 3.55 firmware you have to downgrade your system by means of soldering (some models cant do this either).

After years of people asking things like "you know what they need to do on the PSP," it's finally happening.

This update, which has been a year in the making, was supposed to herald a new era of functionality for PS3.

Many expected in-game XMB, additional video codecs, and more.

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