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This is done with the command: Now, PLEASE remember, that next time you upgrade the system, Entropy wants to revert the changes made in "client.conf", by asking you to execute: equo conf update, and overwrite the file.Of course we DON'T want that, so select here to keep the old config file.Before you go any further, there is no necessity to use Portage on your machine to compile packages that are not on the Entropy repositories.Packages can be compiled in a clean environment with the En: Sabayon Devkit without messing with your current system.Using the deep option will update the package and it's dependencies.# Regular: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv world [email protected] # emerge -uv world # Deep: view update then do it update [email protected] # emerge -puv D world [email protected] # emerge -uv D world # What might be albe to be removed?Following these rules can make mixing and matching between Entropy and Portage safer, not safe, just safer.With these rules you will have not only a history of what you have done, but a pretty good idea of what needs to get undone if your system becomes unstable or unusable.

The emerge utility of portage provides the methods to install, upgrade and remove packages.

If you intend to mantain an hybrid system (Entropy Portage) then go ahead.

Mixing Portage and Entropy is not recommended without extensive knowledge of both package managers.

If it is core to the system either live with it or convert your entire system to Portage only.

In the case that is a folder, you can edit the file /etc/portage/package.use/00-sabayon.package.use/00-sabayon.package.use, or create another file like 01inside that folder.

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