Updating jlist

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(); list Element("USA"); list Element("India"); list Element("Vietnam"); list Element("Canada"); list Element("Denmark"); list Element("France"); list Element("Great Britain"); list Element("Japan"); But, where are the rest of the countries? But, ideally, we would want the scrollbar to appear in this case.

To make this happen, we have to add the list to a scrollpane instead of adding it directly: Let us now run the program and select multiple items.

The object of JList class represents a list of text items.

The method uses the converted index to retrieve the desired element from the decoratee.Decorators provide the same interface to their clients as the wrapped component -- or decoratee -- provides to its clients, but decorators usually perform additional tasks.They typically perform these tasks before or after passing method calls to the decorated object.Because this object needs to respond when the unsorted model adds, removes, or changes elements, it adds a listener object to the original model.Because we must sort according to user prefences, the constructor records that preference in line 18.

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