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Fair-Gamers HC #1 (S&D) .100 Fair-Gamers HC #2 (TDM) .200 How do I install the Client Patch 1.8 1. Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/7940/discussions/0/1696045708655271021/ 5. Copy the downloaded iw3to your Co D4 folder and start the multiplayer version with this EXE file.

Install the following patches first: Patch 1.6 Patch 1.6-1.7 2.

version: v.1.6 - v.1.7Call of Duty v1.7 fixes : Fixed an exploit that allowed players to access certain console dvars during multi-player matches.

Fixed a crash that could occur when a Chinatown Sabotage match would go into over-time.

This is due to the fact that they generally work with a specific version of the game and after updating it or choosing another language they may (although do not have to) stop working or even malfunction.

Extra care should be taken with modifications, trainers, and other things that were not created by the games developers.

Dude, there are more, way more 1.8 servers nowadays than there are 1.7.

Unless you live in countries like Russia where they still have a few 1.7 servers, don't uninstall the 1.8 patch. The bullet reg sux,theres a guy screaming "headshot/double kill" etc every time you get a headshot or a double kill. However, if you really want to uninstall 1.8,go to your cod4 folder, inside there will be an application called "cod4x-uninstall"..

Note: The cheats and tricks listed above may not necessarily work with your copy of the game.

There are two versions of the same patch, one for owners of a retail copy, the other for Mac users who have downloaded their game.

Call of Duty 4 is best known for its community-oriented multiplayer gameplay, which features a robust leveling system, a variety of unlockable perks, hot-join and matchmaking, as well as the ability to create a class and party.

Aspyr Media has announced the release of a free patch for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for Mac.

Weighing in at 259 MB, the update brings the Mac version of the game up to the current PC one for cross-platform compatibility.

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