Updating asterisk

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I copied from another project and now want to bump all of the dependencies to their latest versions since this is a fresh project and I don't mind fixing something if it breaks. The best way I know of now is to run Of course, this is the blunt hammer of updating dependencies.It's fine if—as you said—the project is empty and nothing can break.In this case npm downloaded and updated "react" package.However your local version of "react-google-maps" is the same as the newest one.To give you a taste of what awaits here's a screenshot (scraped from the git page for npm-check): As of npm version 5.2.0, there is a way to run this in a single line without installing any additional packages to your global npm registry nor locally to your application.

updating asterisk-60

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If the test succeeds, updtr saves the new version number to your

If the test fails, however, updtr rolls back its changes.

I pulled out a project the other day and it wouldn't run because my deps were all out of date/updated/a mess.

If I'd shrinkwrapped, npm would have installed exactly what I needed.

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