Two of us dating service los angeles

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We don’t go for trendiest place in the city; instead, it’s always a place that is comfortable and has a good ambiance.

When meeting someone casually, picking a place can be kind of uncomfortable and can create a lot of unnecessary back and forth before you’ve ever met.

We are continually finding the best and most beautiful women to ensure the satisfaction of our male clientele.

Isn’t it time you start dating women who meet your standards?

Welcome to the Dating Source, the most trusted source for finding your perfect date.

The Dating Source was created specifically for discriminating men seeking beautiful women.

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And because they are in the business of orchestrating good first dates, they also have some helpful data and advice to share on that subject, too.We’re very transparent, and we like to be black-and-white—that way, there’s no ghosting or wondering what’s going on. Tufvesson: One thing that always surprises me is that men really value eye contact.I’ve had many clients say, “She had a hard time looking me in the eye.” It’s a very intimate thing, and it’s really important for both parties.Your privacy is protected, which is unique—each person just gets our description of the other person.We’re a full-service concierge, so we coordinate their schedules, pick the place, and send an email bcc’ing both parties, with only their first names and their phone numbers, saying, “You’re meeting at Fig & Olive on Thursday at for drinks.” We typically do drinks for the first date.

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