Transformations seminar tyler dating

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If you were to meet him, you’d think of him as a totally normal guy unlike some of the other Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) out there.Ask him about his Star Wars collectibles collection sometimes or if you are into music, ask him about his rockstar aspirations. The only difference between you and him is that he just gets laid a whole lot more than you ;p He’s definitely a bit more of a Pick-Up Artist than a dating kinda guy but his methodoly has always been about bringing your most natural masculine behaviors out without asking you to manipulate women into liking you.This week, I got to tag along David Wygant to David De Angelo’s “Double Your Dating: Man Transformation” seminar.David Wygant had a speech to do and as usual, he rocked it. Everything is in his head and I think that’s what makes him so good.His energy is absolutely amazing when in front of an audience. He knows his stuff so well that he just get into that flow state.He gets in the moment and everything comes out naturally.

You can use any pool of knowledge for good or evil.

From his long hair and cowboy/native American fashion style, I was afraid he’d be some kind of woo woo woo new age spiritual guy.

After meeting him, I can say that Steve is CRAZY!!! He’s just crazy because he’s so full of life and energy.

He’s one of my favorite guys in the Community because his writing has always resonated with me.

He’s the guy who coined the term “Natural Game” for the Seduction Community a few years back.

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