Transexual dating online

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Winter La Mon is a 28-year-old transgender man who lives in New York City.

From the beginning, she knew it was important to allow people to identify as queer and transgender in their profiles.

He dates men and women, both transgender and cisgender (a term for people who aren't trans).

After La Mon transitioned from female to male, he didn’t change his gender to “male” on his OKCupid profile; instead, he started a second profile where he identified as “male.” He kept the female profile active because he thinks that some women who typically date other women might also be interested in dating transgender men.

about the phenomenon of straight men who date transgender women but want to “keep us a secret,” calling those men “insecure as fuck” for fearing that society will perceive them as gay.

This is a real, urgent problem that many transgender women have to face—and one that our community’s best writers, like author Janet Mock, have eloquently explored.

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