Tom tom gps never need updating

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After resetting, make a backup using the Tom Tom Software on your computer.Once complete, continue on with the steps to deleting files from the root directory. I went to ' Home' and it required I download ' Home'. I clicked your link: Tom and that automatically took me to a page telling me what to do if things freeze/lock up. I did use the link you've provided above (though I have Windows 7).It maybe trying to update and restore proper functionality.

On your screen a new removable disk appears, this is your Tom Tom device, click on the disk to open it.4.Tom Tom, the leader in GPS navigation solution has consistently taken an interest in the advancement of geolocation frameworks and fulfilled its clients through free updates.Tom Tom updates are basic, simple and adjusted to each user. After a long period of not updating it, I recently connected and, at the prompt of Tom Tom, I agreed to an update. It completely reconfigured my Tom Tom by radically changing the information bar at the bottom, changed the coloring on my screen with no way of restoring it to the way I had it, HAS LEFT A 4-DIGIT OR A 5-DIGIT NUMBER IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER that I cannot remove, nor do I know what it represents, and worst of all, it took away some valuable capabilities it had (voice activation, altimeter). My name is XXXXX XXXXX will be assisting you today.Is there some way I can restore it to the way it was before this update? I have several years of Professional Training and Hands On Experience under my belt and am dedicated to giving you the best Answer possible for your situation.

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