The pro cons interracial dating

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Taking the laws off the books, didn’t change some of the died-in-the-wool attitudes.In 1992 a member of the Pat Buchanan campaign team was fired when he compared interracial marriages to the cross breeding of animals.

However, the rest of the world may not be as accepting as you are.

In one instance a white American father who had been supportive of his daughter’s decision to marry an African American man, became hostile and his attitude eventually contributed to the break-up of the marriage.

By contrast many of the couples reported their marriages were successful.

century, at the height of slavery in the United States, it was socially intolerable for an African-American man to “talk sweet” to a white woman, let alone think of sharing a romantic relationship with her.

century, it is still common for traditional Chinese parents to forbid their children from choosing a non-Chinese partner.

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