The following error occured validating the name

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My setup project, when opened in Visual Studio 2008 gave the same error, but was OK in Visual Studio 2010.

If copied to another machine that did not have Visual Studio 2010, but did have Visual Studio 2008, then it would compile.

:) Common Reason My problem was not a dependency error. So, basically, you need to check your MSI file and make sure that all dependencies are still valid.

Probably the best blog response on how you can easily resolve this if it is a dependency issue is Alternative Reason My problem had to do with Visual Studio versioning, however.

Sometimes there may be a need to rename the SQL Server Network Name for a failover cluster and in this tip we will walk through the steps needed to successfully rename the SQL Server Network Name for a failover cluster.

I simply searched all files in my project for In my case my solution (VS2008) had a project that was also referenced from another solution (VS2010).

I finally tracked it down to connection Strings in a parent web.config (my service was deployed to a child application to an admin site).

Yes sounds ridiculous, but as soon as I wrapped the connection strings in the parent web.config with a location element all started working.

WCF, by default, allows a five-minute gap; beyond this, it throws an error if things are out of synch. This ended up being an problem on the consuming side, not with the service itself. For info, whilst testing various combinations of accounts and permissions, I noticed that the app pool needed to be recycled to lose access to the key, once it had been retrieved once.

Software AG's web Methods 8 was consuming this server but there was no Security Handler added to the service so the credentials were not being added to the header thus resulting the in the aforementioned error. I forgot to add Read permission on the certificate's private key to the app pool virtual account (e.g. (0x80131501 - An error occurred when verifying security for the message.) I was getting the same error and none of the above help for me.

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