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Adam dresses up like the late Sabrina to frighten Ashley, who tumbles down the stairs and miscarries her baby. She later reveals what she saw to Victor and Nick, while Adam "breaks up" with Rafe, only to be confronted by his father moments later.Adam attempts to cover up the incident by placing a knocked-out Ashley in her bed and burning her bloody nightgown. Charles Taylor into convincing Ashley that her baby is still alive with a diary belonging to his dead girlfriend, Skye Lockehart. Heather sees a note left from Nikki, revealing that Adam is "gay".Victor fires and disowns him, once again referring to his son as Adam.Seeking revenge, Adam plots with Victor's longtime enemy Jack Abbott to use a forged diary to frame Victor for murder.

Sharon breaks it off with Adam and begins to remember things that contradict what she has been told about her baby's death.

Vic thinks of Cliff as his father and is resentful that Victor would "abandon" his own child.

However, Hope's dying wish is that her son get to know Victor.

Adam clears his conscience and shows Sharon a note that says that her baby is still alive.

However, Sharon bumps her head and forgets about it.

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