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We get to learn about how our brains develop and why people react to certain situations the way they do.The book makes modern teen dating trends make a lot more sense.This book delves into some scary topics and some tips to address these situaions, as well, and hopefully avoid them, too. I have been curious about the subject though because I know a lot of teens who date and the rational behind it never made complete sense to me.

An invaluable book that I wish would've been available before my daughters approached the dating age.The best word to describe this book is "practical".Dan (and his daughter) use their breadth of experience to impart some practical wisdom on the issue of dating, specifically for daughters.And, after watching a short interview with them, I was like "Hey! (Although biblical principles do leak onto the writings.) The author has been a high school teacher for over twenty years, and he's gained tons of insight into what all goes on, and has walked hundreds of teens through difficult times. Anderson wrote this book hoping that parents would take up the ball and begin having needed conversations with their daughters so that they wouldn't have so many troubles and heartaches. Anderson sounds like a totally amazing guy and exactly the kind of person I would have as my teacher if I had grown up in public school with absent parents. Her parts really made the book more relatable and helped link the facts in numbers with reality.)The book is obviously serious and has some heavy topics, but it was also written in a way that is easy to read and understand.There are tons of facts, scientific discoveries, and averages and percentages talked about in the book.

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