Technorati not updating blog posts the dating game in 1972

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Is it just me or did Technorati stop indexing 23 hours ago? The recognized authority inthe blogosphere, Technorati collects, organizes, highlights and distributes theonline global conversation, surfacing this content to millions of consumers. Edelman and Intellissek published their article called “Talking from The Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers, Edelman Public Relations” (2005, p4) which stated the term “blogs”/”weblogs” is “easily published, personal web sites that serve as sources of commentary, opinion and uncensored, unfiltered sources of information on a variety of topics.” In other words, there is no difference between blog and weblog. They have representation in top-10 website lists across all key categories and have become integral to the media ecosystem (Technorati, 2008). There are many different types of blogs, differing not only in the type of content, but also in the way that content is delivered or written (Wikipedia, 2010). Blogging Insights The term “blogs” is an abbreviation of “weblogs”. They are also forming an interesting and dynamic subset on the Web. Blogs can have a wide range of content types (genres) such as travel, photography, business, historical stories, humor and social occasions such as weddings. So, blogs are social networked media and the content of blog is the conversation. Memos to the world.” A simpler definition is that “A weblog is a coffeehouse conversation in text, with references as required.” (Blood, 2002). Everyone is so excited about blog and the cultural media convergence of it.

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It helps the organizations to connect with their networked people (customers, business partners and employees) fast and easy.

In fact none of the blogs in the popular page have updated for that long.

Here’s the Engadget page: I’ve seen this on individual blogs before – but not across the board.

She is using her blog helping people connect, sharing knowledge on how to increase the individual and group productivity in an organization with Enterprise 2.0 and collaborate more effectively by using social technologies – Web 2.0 tools – wikis, blogs and social bookmarking.

Blogging examples for creative ideas and design knowledge There are some good examples of inspirational blogs that i would like to share with others. An enterprise blogging can be used to help to build the social structured platform to improve internal and external communication.

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