Tasha tilberg dating

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Having recently returned to modeling part-time, walking for brands like Marni and Alexander Mc Queen this season, Tilberg’s getting her fair share of international exposure too. With my kids in kindergarten I feel more free to work more. “They haven’t done very many shoots, and they were patient, and fun, and well behaved.

By the time she returned to her modeling career in 2000, she insisted on doing it her way.

Tasha Tilberg, Longtime Girlfriend Married Recently —While Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone continue to keep everyone guessing, another fashion figure went ahead and took the marital plunge.

While backstage before walking last night's Fashion for Relief show, Canadian model Tasha Tilberg revealed that she and her longtime girlfriend recently got married in Canada because same-sex unions aren't legal in California, where they live.

(The brand previously featured fathers Kordale Lewis and Caleb Anthony.) Tilberg tells , “I was honored they wanted to capture some moments with the family.

I think it’s a great time to show diversity of families. It’s great to see the ‘real life’ of a model—and of an LGBT family.”Real life in the Tilberg-Wilson household might not be what you expect when one member is a high fashion model, what with their acres of farmland and vineyards.

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