Survivor jeff dating

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The comfort of their easy-going relationship ignited into an unbreakable bond—that is, until Figgy was voted out, leaving her main man by his lonesome.

"Fig Tails" may be the latest showmance to steam things up on 's most unforgettable love stories.

To this day, the power couple remains one of the show's most memorable showmances for all of the greatest joys and toughest challenges they faced together.

Jenna left Season 8 early to be with her mother, who was terminally ill with cancer, and it was something Ethan completely understood since he had lost his father to the disease.

On Day 3, Whitney knew she was "in trouble" with Keith, mainly because the duo was spending 24/7 together fishing, cooking, and surviving in the wilderness.

Following their , Season 15 (2007) Current status: Married with one son, Harper During Season 15, Erik and Jaime met when they were placed in the Zhan Hu Tribe together, but it wasn't until Day 13 that they revealed more about their personal lives and professed to having budding romantic feelings for each other.

Following their romance together on the show, Jenna stuck close by Ethan as he navigated the challenges that came with having Hodgkin's Lymphoma Disease.

Both castaways didn't last past the merge, but that didn't stop them from continuing their relationship IRL.Together, the power couple went all the way to the Final 2 and, in the end, Amber was declared the Sole Survivor in a 4-3 jury vote.Rob won in another way, though—in the live season finale, Rob got down on one knee to propose and Amber said, "Yes!Watch Season 15 of sweetheart Colleen and wacky journeyman Greg will always be a fan-favorite showmance.Their chemistry popped off the screen almost instantaneously and the innocence seen within their relationship—from galavanting in the woods to singing campfire songs—highlighted the pure sweetness these two shared.

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