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By knowing his upbringing and other details, you will know in which way the conversation will go.

Now that you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time for fun.

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I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I spent most of the date sipping my PBR (thanks for ordering , sir) and listening to him reveal detail after detail about his exes. ) of too much and too long, I smiled and said the thing about considering who the common denominator in all those Nutters Mc Gee relationships was. ’ Adventures in Cat-Hair Crazy Guy came to a complete halt moments after he enlightened me with how needy I am, but four years later, his profile pic popped up again in my life—this time on Linked In. He didn’t need to know I was Match-Dot-Harmony-Plentyof Fish-ing it, while he was at Dave & Busters with his dad.

I think, if Betty were still around, she might even side with us, too. This worked out well, particularly when I had to nix a second date, or was stood up, or was told I’m needy for wearing so much concealer.

Because if you think the kooky first dates get upset if you don’t want to go out with them a second time, then just see how they react when they realize you’ve unfriended them after an awkward hour spent with nonfat lattes.

‘You wear a lot of makeup.’ And you have on a velvet blazer, friend. We didn’t meet at a cotillion presented by the Betty Draper School of Snagging a Fine Man.

If first dates are for pointing out the obvious, then I guess those are both perfectly acceptable things to say. ‘I’ve never met a woman who looking to get married. Women these days do crazy things like burn bras and take care of themselves financially.

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    Mr Diecke says men need to be careful not to "corner" a woman when approaching her, and to recognise when she isn't interested."If you take an example of waiting behind a woman in a shopping line, ask an innocuous question to gauge a response.

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