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Disclosure reciprocity is an indispensable component in SPT. Disclosure reciprocity can induce positive and satisfactory feelings and drive forward relational development.

This is because as mutual disclosure take place between individuals, they might feel a sense of emotional equity.

In other words, penetration is rapid at the start but slows down quickly as the tightly wrapped inner layers are reached.

Those who are able to develop a long-term, positive reward/cost outcome are the same people who are able to share important matches of breadth categories.

Disclosure may include sharing both high-risk and low-risk information as well as personal experiences, ideas, attitudes, feelings, values, past facts and life stories, and even future hopes, dreams, ambitions, and goals.

In sharing information about themselves, people make choices about what to share and with whom to share it.

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Altman and Taylor note that relationships "involve different levels of intimacy of exchange or degree of social penetration".

This theory is also guided by the assumptions that relationship development is systematic and predictable.

Through self-disclosure, relationship development follows particular trajectory, moving from superficial layers of exchanges to more intimate ones.

A person who is too willing to ignore his or her own life for the sake of someone else may have little or nothing to offer.

Being too available and accommodating may be a sign that a person is needy or clingy or even desperate.

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