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Cool Stats Rate My Body is used by millions of people, both singles and people in relationships. With all this activity you are sure to find adult singles or just friends in your city.

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"Show it off" is an adult social network site for exhibitionists, voyeurists, nudists, swingers and any people who are open-minded about sex and sexuality. We have a friendly adult community of people here whom you can chat about sex with, discuss sex-related topics in forum, talk about human sexuality, have mature conversations, read and write blogs about sexual experiences, privately exchange your nude photos and videos and indeed your thoughts.

You can share your nude photos here, upload pics of your private parts (penis, ass, pussy, tits, whatever you have) or your nude body. It may not look like it when you see all those dicks and pussies in the members profiles, but there are some really smart and interesting people here with high education and rich life experience.

But there were some successful cases of sexual encounters and even marriages.

Be warned that this site mostly consists of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, though if you are straight you are welcomed too.

But after casting was finished, the plans were suddenly paused when Kevin Reilly left the network.

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, a competition show about artists who use nude people as their canvases.The series follows him for 60 days as he’s dropped on a desert island with no food, tools, film crew, or clothes.For a show that relied on the novelty of nudity, the end result was surprisingly riveting.2.This may seem like a new trend, but there have actually been plenty of shows that require their participants to be in the buff.So here’s a ranking of TV’s top ten naked reality programs — both the ones that made it to the small screen and the crazy ideas that never aired. Fox’s untitled, possibly scrapped naked dating show Never one to ignore an awful TV trend, Fox announced plans for its own dating naked show, in which contestants would date each other in front of a live studio audience.

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