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However, is it as good as it claims or is it just another wishy-washy has been of the 2000s?We took a crack at this chat site to know if it is a must try or a must pass. The simplicity of Chatango's registration gives this chat site an edge over its competitors.Case in point, it is easier to be found if you use frequently searched keywords such as "anime" and "funny" in comparison to "bookworm."Despite not being the main attraction, it is essential to have keywords, age, gender, and ZIP code filled out so your profile will be more likely to pop up in search results which will, more or less, lead to an interaction.Dressing up your profile with the artistic freedom the site gives you is just an added bonus.The Message Catcher, which is only operational on Windows platforms, lives as an icon in the Windows system tray.

In addition, the privacy function can restrict whether a user's profile can be found through Chatango search, whether a user can receive offline messages and if a profile picture accompanies the user.

Once Chatango users set up a username and profile, they're given a direct URL to their profile page, which follows the format:

The user can then customize the appearance of the profile page with various colors, fonts, skins and add-ons, such as mp3 players.

Taking less than half a minute, you would only need to fill in your username, email, and nominated password. Faster than you can blink, you are already a registered member.

There's even no email verification or approval process.

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