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She says: "I think people have realised being intersex means I have more love to give in a relationship.

"A lot of people I have dated have seen intersex as a plus." "I speak about the subject a lot, and am writing a book - and it's attractive to them that I'm baring my soul." While Suz used to pray to be "normal" she said she is now happier with her body than ever.

"I wanted to be like a Victoria’s Secret model with a Ph D,” she says. I applaud the intentions of this ad and love the non-binary representation, but as an intersex person I'm not sure how I feel about Stevonnie and the intersex label -- #intersex should not be equated to 'the human fusion of a boy & girl' ( ⬇️thread for more in-depth thoughts ⬇️)… Sorry I hope that didn’t seem like I was kisgendering you! I always think semantically about all of this in general because being Intersex breaks our preconceived understanding of sexual attraction, if that makes sense Today was the first day of my “Women & Gender In U. History” class, and I know higher education is left leaning, but it was so good!

Bravely, she took the plunge and a few years ago, posted her story on social media.

Suz says: "It was terrifying and a huge relief at the same time.

After going into her third year at university, she finally worked up the courage to tell her housemates.

She says that they were “amazing” about her revelation and she began to feel more confident about confiding in others.

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