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I'm part of a few of em, one's for art, one's for Furs and one's for Minecraft.Nude stuff does creep by every now and then but if you're really that prude, know this: the average child's brain's already developed and thinking for themself by the age of 5.By 5 I was taking computers apart and putting them back together again.

Thirdly, each community governs itself and the creator of the app has no involvement in that whatsoever(they can't revoke an Amino because they failed to enforce their rules no matter how many times you bitch about it).Fourthly, if a community marks itself as being for an older age group and your child ends up there, educate your child. Fifly, all gamers yell and curse at each other over stuff(Pokemon included). Now, I grew up during one of the most rebellious time periods ever and my parents were both Marine Corp.I stood my ground on alot of issues and eventually they saw my point of view(not always, but mostly).Not fond of tutoring now and it's worse with children)Transcription Crypto mining with my computer Camming (Yeah, I sex chat, but I don't expose my identity)No to Upwork If you know of any non-sexual text chatting jobs, that would be great.I'm willing to write for a content mill that offers at least .05 cent per word.

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