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There are regularly sing alongs, coffee hour, exercising, board games as well as a beauty salon, resident cats and birds, and therapeutic dogs who visit. A bus also caters to the residents of the nursing home, bring competent seniors to the surrounding areas of Blue Hill and Bangor.This is an important service when considering the somewhat isolated, rural location and the inevitable boredom of living in what amounts to a hospital hotel.The “friendship split” part seemed appropriate to her situation.She did a “brain dump” of ideas to figure out who Anna and Banana were.

As far as I can tell, though, the staff are considerate of the residents, and try to make it as amusing a place to live as possible.The student population of 2,000 seemed huge: That’s Deer Isle’s entire year-round population, and there were only 24 students in her high school graduating class. I had a lot of people who might have been my siblings or my cousins or my aunts or my uncles—people looking out for you in loving ways. You know how to be someone who cares about your neighbor.But her older brother was at Yale, and the university has a residential system that puts students in smaller groups. “For me, it was the world opening up.” She felt the same way about New York (although the timing was terrible; the move was initially scheduled for Sept. Growing up in a place like Deer Isle gives children a unique perspective, she said. You know how to be curious about the world, because you grew up in a place where nature is constantly doing interesting things and where stories and information come from unexpected places.” Leaving a small-town home can be scary.Because her parents were newcomers to Deer Isle back in the day, her older brother was one of the first kids in the school system who didn’t have parents and grandparents who had also gone to school there.By the time Rissi reached school age, that had changed, but still, she said, “It felt to me that everyone else got to be cousins and I didn’t.” Rissi, who is naturally sunny and gregarious, recalled her delight when she transitioned to Yale. Coming from a place with a strong sense of community, you know how to go elsewhere in the world and also how to be part of a community.

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