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Tied for second were Ack¬ erman and Oilman with 4-2 each.

Ackerman lost to Magee and Bel¬ zer while Ohman lost to Ackerman and drew with Spence and Ludwig.

Jackson, Jr., president of the Toledo Chess Club which sponsored the tournament. Commendations were won by Rothenberg, Fillery, Sayer and Metzenauer. Louis Chess League title for the first time since 1940 when they completed a three-year reign, but were forced to decide the title in their last round encounter by besting YMCA Juniors, who were runners-up, by a 4-2 score. Bunner made a similar score on a lower board for the Independents; and T. Curtis scored 4-0, and Calvin Marvin 3-0 for the Independents as well. SHORE TITLE For the third strai&M year the Portsmouth (N. Buchwald was the judge, the following awards were made: First Prize, R. In the same vein, let us standardize refer¬ ence to the Russian master now residing in Canada as Dr.

Rasim.-sen (Canada), who was the winner' 5n CHESS LIFE’S Problem Tourney. We write Botvinnik, whereas some others prefer Botwinnik; and we trust 'the reader is not confused thereby.

It was un¬ fortunate that Akron TJ was forced to forfeit its second match to the Knights, for otherwise the race might have been a very close one. in 1945 and won by Pete Seitz of the Firestone Chess Club who has reigned uncontesled ever since. Chess Problem Association Announces Prize Winners In 1949 Problem Tourneys The newly founded Chess Problem Association of America announces the prize winners in their problem composing tourneys of 1949, con¬ ducted in their monthly publication, The American Chess Problemist.

With the close of the league sea¬ son plans are under way for the first Akron City Championship in four years. Winning in a stirring finish, Lee Magee took the Omaha Experts Tourney with a ‘i Ys-l Vj score, losing a game to Oh man and drawing with Ludwig. In the informal two-move and three move tourneys there were the following results: Two-movers: First Prize, A.

Ludwig finished third with 3%, followed by Belzer with 3, Spence with 1%, and Underwood with %- 5%.

The last round saw five players with a chance for the title; but while Magee bested Belzer, Lud¬ wig lost to Ackerman in an inter¬ esting Gruenfeld; and the race was over.

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