Self dating

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Well you Sure, we go places by ourselves all the time –the grocery store, the mall, driving to pick someone up, but – these are tasks and NOT dates!

If you wouldn’t want your partner taking you to the supermarket on your weekly date night – you shouldn’t do it to yourself either.

It’s a fun easy way to “escape” life for an hour or two. I don’t mean workout (although it’s also a great self-care solo activity).

I mean go outside and be one with mama nature – whatever that means to you (the beach, the woods or the local park).

Do whatever makes you feel “your best you” – some lipstick? Trust me, when you treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve (and expect from others) you’ll feel 10 times better.

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It’s an amazing opportunity to contemplate life and unwind.Of course, if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to take yourself on an impromptu date be my guest. It’s your night baby so choose your activity by whatever you feel like.Dating yourself doesn’t mean you can (or should) do it in your sweatpants and a hair bun because nobody’s watching. Take a shower ( shave your legs for the good feeling), put on makeup and something pretty and comfortable.You should only care what you think of you (and maybe of them… And finally, being a strong, independent woman who takes care of herself is a reason to be proud of and not ashamed of. Actually, in today’s 24/7 connected world it seems finding solitude has become a lost art.I think it’s because most people confuse solitude with loneliness.

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