Secrets to consolidating debt

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Consolidating debt is often your best alternative in these situations, and a counselor can help you with the process.

The best way to consolidate debt is to consolidate in a way that avoids taking on additional debt.

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Your credit counselor works with your creditors to try to reduce your interest rates and eliminate extra fees, like late charges or over-limit charges.

Others might consider transferring balances to one credit card or getting a consolidation loan.

However, consolidating balances to one credit card or using a loan can be risky because, if you need to borrow additional money, it may be tempting to use one of the accounts with a zero balance.

Here are some tips to achieve this: Despite anyone's diligence in managing their money wisely, sometimes financial hardships happen because of a job loss, medical condition, divorce, or other life events.

If you have problems making ends meet, contact your creditors or a legitimate non-profit agency that specializes in credit counseling services for assistance.

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