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Following Solidus's defeat, Rose, free from the Patriots' custody, reunited with Raiden in front of Federal Hall, echoing their first meeting two years earlier.

There, Raiden proposed to her, telling her that they would pass on the "things that [weren't] written into our DNA" to their child.

In 2014, Campbell requested that Rose use her new talents as a psychological counselor in CSP (Combat Stress Platoon), to provide Solid Snake with advice on dealing with stress on the battlefield.

She was first introduced to Snake by radio during his activities in South America, and continued to support him throughout his mission to eliminate Liquid Ocelot.

As per the Patriots' orders, Rose continued to date Jack for the next two years, reporting every detail of his personal life to them, though she would eventually develop legitimate romantic feelings for him.

However, Jack remained distant throughout the relationship, revealing little about himself or his past to Rose.

Rose's involvement upset Raiden, as he didn't want her to get involved, though he reluctantly accepted the decision.

Two years after they first met, Rose served on Jack's radio support team, during the Big Shell Incident in 2009.She also engaged in casual conversation with Raiden, hinting to him that the current date was the anniversary of their first meeting, though Raiden failed to remember this.Rose later investigated the supposed death of Solid Snake as a favor to Raiden, and discovered that the body had been interred and exhumed for DNA testing.She also partially decided to become a part of the mission support as a means to ensure that she didn't "chicken out" of stuff she needed to settle with Raiden on April 30, the day after the mission.Although Jack was codenamed Raiden for the duration of his mission, Rose continued to refer to him by his real name, despite the Colonel having told her to avoid doing so.

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