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We contact ladies when a client has requested to meet them within a few weeks of the tour date.

However, you will see from the photos of our past Quest Romance Tours that many of the ladies on the site do attend the events and clients do get to meet many of them.

Should you meet someone and decide to stay longer it creates complications with your connecting flights.

Finally, we have clients who don’t need this "included" flight at all since they live in Australia or Europe.

Taxi services you may request during the week for your dates are readily available and cheap.

Your translator/guide will help coordinate any private transportation you might need on your own outside of the organized events.

In our interview with you we will discuss why you selected the ones you did to learn more about the type of lady you are hoping to meet.

If you elect to stay longer then we will help arrange your extended stay at the hotel and taxi transportation, but those extra days and taxi rides are not included in the price for the tour.Tour costs are non-refundable 19 days or less from the start date of the tour.Confirmation of acceptance of refund requests will be provided by email and refunds are mailed by check.Whether it’s Mark Davis, Anna Davis, Law Jackson or others; you will have access to expert feedback on your dating experiences in real time.Upon receipt of the first 7 deposit you will be sent the blank profile form for you to complete and return along with 5 current photos.

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