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His last secure attestation as dean is in October 1154.

Robert, along with Hugh de Puiset and some of the cathedral chapter, favoured Hilary, a canon lawyer.

He attended undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Georgetown University.

While studying, he never gave up on his artistic passions and took part in numerous singing groups and theatrical productions.

Various reasons have been put forward for why Robert attested at a lower rate than the earlier chancellors, including indifference to his office, deputising the duties to another clerk, or difficulty in following the itinerant court due to age.

But others among the cathedral chapter and suffragan bishops of York continued to actively agitate against Murdac, including refusing him entry to York for three years.A further appearance is in a document of his brother Walter dating between 11.Three charters which date from March 1140 to January 1141 and are supposed to be witnessed by Robert all have difficulties with either the dating or whether the signature attributed to Robert is actually Robert, so exact dating of his term of office isn't possible from charter evidence.Robert is often confused in the historical records with another Robert, son of Walter.Robert's first appearance in the historical record is at Ramsey Abbey sometime between 11, where he appears as a witness to a charter.

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