Proof that dating is haram in islam 100 std sluts dating

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For how can there be any real happiness in a 'love' inspired by Shaitaan?

This type of 'love' far from being pure and sacred falls into the category of fornication.

For it is now that all the arguments with the parents start:'Why can't I go out tonight? ' And there are the mood swings, the fluctuating eating habits..the phone doesn't ring, then it's a case of 'I don't feel like eating.' And then there is dishonesty...unable to tell her parents where she really wants to go, she makes the excuse of having to go to the library to study for tomorrow's test.

The ending of each relationship is most often marked by a long periods of torture, in which the girl has to 'get over' the boy.

And so begins a 'relationship.' But this has all the ingredients that a classic romance novel does not...those candy-coated pages do not tell you about the heartbreak, the tears, the mood swings and the countless negative aspects that are the central to these relationships And they do not tell you about the degradation and the loss of self-respect, with which people, especially women, emerge, after these relationships.

In real life, such relationships lead to nothing but unhappiness and heartache.And one of the main factors painting a sugar and candy image of pre-marital romances, are these shallow bits of reading material that our daughters are exposed to.It is no strange co-incidence that girls grow up believing that a boyfriend is the key to happiness...after all they have barely started walking, when the stories of the poor ill-treated Cinderella, saved only by a dashing prince, and the beautiful Snow White woken up by a prince, and the doomed Rapunzel, saved from the tower by..else - a dashing hero, are told to them.And when they read romance novels, this theory is further reinforced - for, in the classic teen romance novel, the girl without a boyfriend, or "sweet sixteen and never been kissed" is the poor, laughing stock, who doesn't have a date to the "prom".And on the pages of a typical adult romance novel, the heroine is always a successful, beautiful career woman, but, she feels, that "something" is lacking in her life..that "something" is naturally a man.

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