Prevent firefox from updating geological time and radiometric dating

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BITS is also used by Windows to download and install updates so it's a very important component of Windows operating system.You can read more about BITS using its properties window.why is this thread different from the listed duplicates?well, firefox has an integrated updater, in the software that pushes new versions, independently of the Ubuntu OS package management system.BITS stands for Background Intelligent Transfer Service which is a built-in and essential service of Windows operating system.

Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is used by Windows to download or upload files.Firefox 56 however seems to update against my will, and I want that to stop.How can I tell Firefox 56 to not update, not update without asking, or never look for updates. I have removed firefox and installed FF56 from source several times now, and it's getting obnoxious.Once you use this preference to turn off BITS support in Firefox, it'll no longer use BITS in background to download updates when you have closed Firefox window.Check out following simple steps to disable BITS support in Firefox: 1.

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