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Girls, bullying, off hand comments, fantasies about boys, and new friends, especially another boy who may be gay, all play into his epiphany about his sexuality.This internal struggle is something that GLBT readers can relate to.In fact, they usually play a fairly larger part in his novels; one or more of the main characters are usually of Mexican or another Hispanic descent. Frederick notes several times that the Mexican boys he meets in California are much more open and comfortable touching each other. Some GBLT people do not come to the realization until they are older, while some go through it in high school, and some when they are even younger than that. However, when people ask him if he is gay, he turns offensive and mad.

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Frederick, despite his asthma, starts playing soccer with the Hispanic boys, the counterparts of Xio and her girlfriends. While this is a hint to Frederick’s sexuality, it is also a marker of the Hispanic culture. While author Alex Sanchez writes about gay male characters, he also includes his Hispanic heritage in his books. ISBN 9780374400118Other books by Alex Sanchez: THE GOD BOX. Related Websites: GLBT National Help org/on GLBT- The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Triangle Services Other books that have GLBT characters: Dole, Mayra Lazara. Chat Roulette & Video Chat Free American Chat Roulette is a chat with webcam with people from America !

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