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Before taking the leap, are you ready to start internet dating?As a matter of fact, are you ready for dating in general, be it online or offline, as the principles remain the same. Emotional equilibrium The best time to start dating is when you are emotionally relationship ready.Instead of exposing yourself to an entire sea of potential matches, you can curate your own experience based on a first impression, similar to going out and eying up possible dates.

There haven't been as many fish left in the online sea for the past decade or so, and sites like, e Harmony, and Ok Cupid are seeing users swiftly relocate to broader, less specific corners of the digital dating sphere.

This means that you are not rebounding in reaction to your last break up or looking for a warm place to rest your head as a distraction to heartbreak.

Rather, you are ready to start dating when you have dealt with your past hurts in a healthy way and are emotionally rebalanced and ready to start a fresh new relationship.

Unlike dating apps like Tinder that shed light on the very basic — and sometimes even shallow — attributes of each user, online dating sites function separately from other social media outlets, forcing users to create yet another profile aside from their Twitters, Facebooks, and blogs.

But, "[online dating sites] can’t predict whether users will actually have chemistry with each other," Hess says.

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