Persuasive speech on online dating

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In a world where men and women still claim to want to find that one special person — a “soul mate” — to spend their life with, what role can and should we afford technology and, more broadly, science, in their efforts?

he pursuit of love in its modern, technological guise has its roots in the decline of courtship and is indelibly marked by that loss.

Morse proved prescient about the potential scope and significance of his technology.

Morse sent his first long-distance telegraph message in 1844, he chose words that emphasized both the awe and apprehension he felt about his new device. ” read the paper tape message of dots and dashes sent from the U. Capitol building to Morse’s associates in Baltimore.

Within a decade of the invention of the telephone, for example, we had designed a way to wiretap and listen in on the private conversations flourishing there.

And with the Internet, we can create new or false identities for ourselves, mixing real life and personal fantasy in unpredictable ways.

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Modern philosophers of technology have studied the ethical quandaries posed by communication technologies — questioning whether our view of new technologies as simply means to generally positive ends is naïve, and encouraging us to consider whether our many devices have effected subtle transformations on our natures.

But the triumph wrought by these technologies was not merely practical.

Subtly and not so subtly, these technologies also altered the range of ways we reveal ourselves.

Courtship as it once existed — a practice that assumed adherence to certain social conventions, and recognition of the differences, physical and emotional, between men and women — has had its share of pleased obituarists.

The most vigorous have been feminists, the more radical of whom appear to take special delight in quelling notions of romantic love.

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