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She organizes flowers for the house, chases after Emma, her four-year-old, for sneaking too many chocolates.She goes after Tristan, too, for dashing outside without shoes. For almost two seasons, her hockey-legend husband, Wayne, has been coaching the Phoenix Coyotes, an all-consuming job that keeps him ensconced in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the week.“This travelling back and forth is kind of getting to us.” Moments later, however, Janet sounds resigned.Moving to Phoenix would cause too much upheaval for her older kids, who enjoy life in L. Besides, she adds, Phoenix is only 50 minutes away by plane and it’s never hard when she has her children with her.Jean Jones, the children’s small, scrappy grandmother, putters around chatting up a couple of household employees in the czarist splendour of the living room. Lanky and blonde, the 46-year-old American wife of Canada’s most celebrated athlete is dressed in a frayed white sweatshirt, fresh from an eight-kilometre walk.At first, this mother of five is all-business formidable.

“He treats me like not just a wife but his best friend, so that’s really all I need,” she says. Other than that, I’m just trying to make everybody else happy.” , a critically acclaimed film that grapples with the perils of neglectful parenting.

“It’s when I have to leave my children that I don’t like.” The family’s complex logistics have turned Janet into the family’s other major playmaker. “I’m the catalyst.” Much of the year, Janet is mother, father, manager, cheerleader and task-mistress to the four children at home.

She also looks after her mother, Jean, whom the Gretzkys set up in a nearby townhouse.

Trevor still needs the occasional lift home from baseball practice. “He’s six-foot-two, and he’s my most diverse kid.” Trevor plays both football and baseball, and Janet just installed a practising space for his jamming sessions.

There’s also Paulina, the more seasoned musician among the children.

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